Bookmobiles and Their Service To The Community

For some, there is little to no access to a library and even in cases where someone might be in close proximity to a library, there are still circumstances that prevent them from accessing resources a local library has to offer.  This is when a bookmobile can be an asset not only to a library but to the community as well. A bookmobile not only can offer books but some offer magazines, videos to assist in job searches, or even internet access.

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It’s also common for rural areas to have more of these resources simply due to limited access to things like internet but because of the isolated nature of some areas, these bookmobiles may be the only way some folks can get resources they may want or need.  Also, bookmobiles are able to service “troubled” areas where access to books may be low and illiteracy may be high.

Access to resources, even something as simple as books or opportunities to learn/use the internet can be valuable for certain people and, sadly, these are resources many of us take for granted because they’re staples in our lives.  So, for me, I think having access to information and learning tools, it’s the duty of our communities to help even the least of us have a chance to grow and learn.

No matter how readily available resources like those provided by a library or bookmobile happen to be, some people will never use them.  However, the chance for everyone to have access, free and clear, to resources that help better themselves is always going to be more advantageous for a community, state, even a nation.  While you can’t give someone the education or desire to grow and learn things that may help them in different aspects of life, bookmobiles, libraries, and other resources propped up by local communities and governments are always best when they’re made available to those who will use them.