Library Resources for Your Community: Are You Taking Advantage?

Resources provided by local libraries are often overlooked and many people are thoroughly unaware of what might be available to them.  We’ve mentioned this before but there are numerous ways in which the local library can be beneficial to people of all ages. For instance, in the Buncombe County Libraries this month, there are book clubs, gardening, art, exercise options, among other opportunities and it’s something that many may enjoy or benefit from.

However, there are people who feel that libraries are obsolete community centers that are on their way out.  Again though, libraries aren’t just for books anymore. Aside from common things like children’s programming or senior citizen classes that range from teaching technology to exercise routines, the opportunities available are only limited by the number of libraries in your community.

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Classes on computer software, writing, language classes, and in some cases outreach from local colleges and universities are all potentially right down the street but you have to seek them out.  Continuing education is so very important so that we don’t grow complacent with where we are and what we know.

Libraries are opportunities to meet people you might never know, to hear ideas contrary to your own, to exchange thoughts and philosophies, and to better understand why you believe what you believe.  You can learn from the past, you can keep up-to-speed on current events, you can explore countless worlds in fiction, learn to cultivate a garden, speak new languages, and so much more, if you only seek it out at your local libraries.

While my preaching may be repetitive here, it’s coming from a place of good intentions.  I hope you’ll take the time, from Dare County to Cherokee county, from Murphy to Manteo, to look up your library, see what opportunities they’re offering, and take advantage.