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N.C. State University Library Book Sale Starts April 8th!

I attended N.C. State University so I am biased about the universities in this state and I keep tabs on my alma mater.  One of the events I enjoyed when I was in school was the Library Sale that takes place each year in the NCSU Brickyard. It just so happens that next week the book sale starts so if you’re in the Raleigh area, or plan on making a trek out that way, then you might want to check it out!  

Library book sales are incredibly helpful to both the library and the public.  Most libraries will take used book donations and it’s a way to bring income into your local library because there’s little to no cost associated with these sales.  Also, it allows us book hoarders to get rid of books that might be forming skyscrapers in our homes, piling up to a point of being dangerous.

More importantly, these kinds of books sales are great ways for people to purchase books for incredibly low prices.  Most library sales will offer “bag days” where for a low price of something like $5, you can fill a bag with books and be on your way.  This is great for folks that may make use of the library for financial reasons but who are also avid readers. You can pick up a pile of books for such a low cost and fill your bookshelf without going in debt!

While many library systems around the state have book sales like this–NCSU is not the only one–they often vary as to when they come so keep an eye out at your local library to make sure you’re not missing out.  Sometimes we don’t know the exact date and location until a few months ahead of time or in certain cases libraries will have their sales at the same place and relative time each year.

Either way, take some time to look for a library book sale in your area.  I am willing to bet you won’t be let down at the haul you can bring home. Check out more about the NCSU Library Sale here: