There Are Two Types of Readers: People Who Read The End Of A Book First!

I’ve learned of a disturbing trend in my circle of friends.  There are people out there, perhaps in your very neighborhood, your friends, possibly even people in your house who read the ending of a novel before they begin!  I know, I was shocked too. However, there are people who have to know how a journey ends before they begin.

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While this took me as a surprise and made me question why anyone would do this, I started thinking that there are some merits to this method of reading but I don’t think I am entirely sold.  The reasoning behind this is books take time and obviously no frequent reader wants to waste time on a terrible, or just unlikable, book.

Now, for me, I believe there is importance in the journey of reading a book but I understand there are cases where you commit to a long read and are disappointed.  Or there are times where you’re reading a book and it begins well but drags in the middle but you want to know how it ends or you are already too invested or you hear the ending is great so you have to keep going.  

It can be a struggle sometimes.  However, I’m not sure if I am on board with knowing the ending.  Maybe…maybe I can see doing that if it’s a questionable book but what if you ruin a great read?  What if a book that could be your favorite never becomes so because you learned of the ending and lessened the magic of the journey?

I’m not sure where I land on this issue but would love to hear from those who are on both sides.  On the one hand I understand why someone wants to know where the path they’re taking will lead but, again, books are a great journey, sometimes a mystery, and they can be bad and good.  However, I think getting the summary of a book is enough for us to dive into the deep end and see where the trip takes us.