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They Filmed The Book: Jurassic Park

I loved Jurassic Park when I was a kid.  It was an amazing movie that was full of fantastic creatures, realistic-looking monsters, drama, tension, action, and it was a massive hit in the theater.  It’s still a movie that I think eclipses more recent films and, in some ways, it’s better than its sequels.

However, any fan of the movie should check out the novel.  I really enjoyed this book by Michael Crichton. It does follow the movie, or I should say the movie follows the book, but there is so much added and more details that it’s a fantastic read that any fan of the movie would enjoy.

Frankly, I’m always a “the book was better” kind of person but this one was close for me.  I think the book is such a unique and well-done story that the film had to be good as a result.  Mind you, the visuals in the film really make it, and that is where the book falls short.  While the book is amazing and goes into details the movie couldn’t capture or adds scenes that just improve the whole story overall, the movie does so much in its special effects that they’re both enjoyable together and by themselves.

I have yet to read the follow-up to the book but I have seen the movies that followed Jurassic Park.  While I enjoyed the second movie in the series, I will be interested to see how closely it follows the book because the first film follows the book well but the second movie seems to be a little more “hollywooded up” if you catch my meaning.