Wake County Libraries Book Sale: One Of The State’s Biggest Sales

Since I was a student out Wake County way many moons ago, I discovered the Wake County Libraries Book Sale and it’s been something I have looked forward to every year since.  Now, I realize Raleigh is a good drive from Buncombe County, but this is one of the state’s biggest library sales and there are numerous books and categories to choose from.

Today (May 2nd) is the first day of the 2019 book sale and there are three days remaining for anyone in the Raleigh area (or willing to make the trip).  Also, there are discounts each day that can make the books more affordable as we go through the weekend.

However, there are always large crowds as the sale progresses so the selection of great titles will go quickly.  Everything from Mystery to Nonfiction to Fiction to Children’s and Young Adult books are available in the Expo Center at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds and row and rows of books sit waiting so every bibliophile will go home happy.  

Book sales, while that are a fantastic way to support an institution, in this case the Wake County Libraries, are a fun way to explore books that may be outside of your norm for cheap.  It’s also an affordable way to pick up extra copies of books you love, find books you’ve been seeking out, or uncover an intriguing read you’ve never heard of.

While all of the information about the sale in Wake County can be found at the link below, keep an eye out for these sales in your area as a lot of libraries in larger counties will offer these opportunities.  I realize not every county will provide these kinds of sales, but you might be close to one that will afford you the opportunity to stock up on a lot of books for unbeatable prices. For those around Wake County, check out the book sale page here: