Mini Libraries And Sharing Literature In Your Neighborhood

Some communities have only one library or they are secluded and far from a place where they have easy access to books.  While that alone is something that warrants further discussion, there are communities and groups that are creating their own literary world in their neighborhoods.  

Mini libraries were a big hit years ago when they started popping up and while they are not as much of a trend nowadays you’ll still see them around.  There are places that still offer already constructed libraries or show you how to build your own. Some people have these little book lending homes just outside their real house and, in some cases, the mini library is made to look like the owner’s home.  

In short, people have gotten creative with mini libraries and there is nothing better than seeing people drop off some books in your mini library or someone stop by and browse and walk away with a book.  There are also websites where you can register your mini library so people can find you.

However, there have been cases where some black-hearted, fun-hating people have complained about these things, so if you’re thinking of putting one up, you may want to check with your city/town to see if there are any rules against such things.  Seriously. I read an article where a someone made one of these little lending libraries and a person in their neighborhood complained that it qualified as an independent structure, so it needed approval. While I don’t know the facts behind that, it’s probably better safe than sorry in today’s world.

Aside from that, these little libraries can be so much fun to make and you can connect with people in your area by sharing books.  A bit of advice though, if you put one of these up, they do have a tendency to collect books that aren’t that great. I think people feel guilty about taking a book from them without leaving one so you find some pretty bland or vague books that will start to pile up.  If you don’t clear out this clutter, your lending library might grow stale so you have to tend it like a literary garden.