Graphic Novel Review

Buncombe Graphic Novel Review: Locke and Key-Clockworks

While we continue in the Graphic Novel review of the Locke and Key series we come to an issue, Clockworks, that has a lot going on.  However, I will only focus on one section of the story, which is a flashback of a group of men who are fighting in the Revolutionary War.  We find among one of them, a Locke who was a smith, and we find a door and learn more about the origins of the keys and how they were made.  

This issue moves the plot forward in a way that sets the stage for the final conflict and the Locke children are facing more serious consequences.  However, learning the history of the keys and the discovery of the door by these men is a fun story because you find a lot of history and reason behind what’s happening.

I like this backstory because we see where the keys are coming from and, more importantly, the material from which they’re made.  The demons that rush through the door in the Drowning Cave are turned into Whispering Iron and Benjamin Locke is able to craft them into the keys that remain in his family for so very long.

While I know they keys, despite being a big part of the story, aren’t the only thing that matters but I really enjoyed this issue simply because we see where these mysterious keys have come from and we keep learning of the unique powers they possess.  I also love that some of the keys are good and others bad, while some are just what they are, neither good nor bad. Yet, they all come from these terrible creatures behind the door.

And, as we enter into the last issue, we’ll find out if Dodge is able to open the door and unleash this hell on the world or if the Locke family can keep at bay this terrible evil their family has been fighting for generations.