Buncombe Brief Book Review

Buncombe Brief Book Review: The Song of the Quarkbeast

This is a sequel to the book The Last Dragonslayer that we reviewed a while back and it’s another venture into the world the the wizarding business of Kazam.  This time, King Snodd, the ruler of the Ununited Kingdoms, has ordered a contest where wizarding agencies in the land would compete and there would be one winner and one magical company.  This contest pits Kazam again a rival company and it seems the king wants, rather, has an interest in Kazam losing the contest. This, they believe, is because of the events that took place during The Last Dragonslayer.

There is also the problem of a Quarkbeast on the loose.  It seems to be the “match” of our main character’s, Jennifer Strange, Quarkbeast and the problem with this is that when two of the Quarkbeasts get together there is a terrible result.  

This all plays out as the contest rolls on, but there is a lot on the line in the novel.  It’s a fun read though, as are all of the Chronicles of Kazam books and I think people that liked the first one will enjoy this book as well.  The action is fast and there is a lot going on but it’s still a fun story. However, the conclusion of the story is a bit rushed, in my opinion, and seems to fit together a little too nicely.  Yet, this doesn’t hurt the book, since it is just an overall fun read.

While this is the second book in what is supposed to be a 4-book series, it still pushes an overall narrative along that carries into the third book.  With fun and zany characters and a wild story, this Young Adult novel is one that I think a lot of readers would enjoy and it’s one of those fun books that I will return to when I just need an enjoyable read.