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Buncombe Brief Book Review-The Last Dragonslayer

The Last Dragonslayer is the first book in the The Chronicles of Kazam series by Jasper Fforde and was a delightful, fast-paced read that I think both adults and young adults will enjoy.  While this doesn’t have the same world-building that captured so many in Harry Potter, Jasper Fforde does an amazing job of creating a world where wizards are as common as plumbers, magic is both fun and frightening, and our protagonist is tasked with the hefty job of managing a band of zany wizards while carrying the weight of an immense choice hoisted upon her.

While I will do my best to avoid spoilers there may be a few ahead.  So, before I get a little deeper into my brief book review, I’d suggest you just trust me and go check out this book.

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Jennifer Strange is our 15-year-old protagonist that’s stuck with running the wizarding business known as Kazam when the owner disappears.  While trying to keep the wizards and witches on staff from doing any damage and trying to assuage their egos and trying to keep the business afloat by booking wizarding jobs (like finding lost items, removing the plumbing from a home without even going in, or conducting bridge repair with nothing but the fidgeting of their fingers) Jennifer also finds out a devastating event is on the horizon.

With the last dragon seemingly breaking a treaty, there is a decree that the Last Dragonslayer must rid the kingdom of this scourge but not all is as it seems and if the last dragon dies, warring kingdoms will likely go to war to claim its lands, leaving many lives torn apart.  

This is a funny, imaginative book with hilarious characters, a unique world, magic and chaos, and a great story.  While some things do come together a little too smoothly, and our protagonists always seem to just squeak by, it’s a fast, enjoyable read that I think most are going to enjoy.