Podcasts: Alternative to Audiobooks?

I have to admit, I rarely listen to audiobooks.  I don’t know what it is but I’m not a fan of being read to despite some great audiobooks (and readers) out there that have produced great content.  I feel like I just can’t get as much from listening to a book as I can reading it but, hey, that’s me. I know numerous people who are on the audiobook bus and love shopping, cleaning, driving, or whatever all the while listening to a book.

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Yet, I am someone who loves podcasts.  If I’m cleaning around the house or out for a walk, I love listening to podcasts, so I started wondering what my objection was if I could listen to a podcast but not an audiobook.  I mean, it’s basically the same thing, right? You’re just listening to someone, or some people, tell you about something be it fiction or informative.

I think, after considering the matter, that I like podcasts because they’re geared more toward learning something or talking about an event that has transpired.  I love podcasts like Revisionist History because it has conversations and facts about a variety of fascinating topics.  Yet, if you try to get me to listen to a great novel, I tend to let my mind drift.

For me, I think the problem is when it comes to a story of fiction, I want/need to be active and reading it, focused and uninterrupted.  Yet, when I am listening to anything from a sermon to a historical event, I can be doing other stuff on autopilot but still be absorbed in what I am listening to.  It’s just the way I’m wired.

Friends of mine have convinced me of the benefits of audiobooks but it took a while.  And, admittingly, I have had good experiences with nonfiction and some Stephen King books, but for you out there who just can’t seem to get on the audiobook bandwagon, maybe you’re in my shoes.  So, perhaps, keep your fiction on the bedside table and read it as much as you can, but in cases where most are listening to a book, try out a podcast as an alternative. Maybe you’ll find a collection of podcasts you enjoy (since there are millions out there) and it’ll help you through the humdrum activities of the day.

Whether you are wanting to learn about becoming a Morehead City real estate agent or simply desire to take in a book of fiction, there are plenty of podcasts that come at no cost. Most audiobooks, especially through Audible come at a cost of $10 or more. Look at those Podcasts on your iPhone or Android before buying an audiobook.