Quitting A Book Before Finishing: Is It A Good Practice?

I believe I’ve mentioned this before but there are times when I’ve wanted to stop reading a bad book but continued on because I thought it would be beneficial.  For me, as a wannabe author, knowing bad writing and storytelling is just as important as knowing good, so when you recognize bad and dive deeper into it, it’s more likely you’ll know when you’re writing something bad in your own work.

Yet, not everyone wants to be a writer so is it still a good practice to stop a book?  My answer is: Yes! In years past I would have given you a different response but as I’ve gotten a little older, and I hope a little wiser, it’s been the case where I don’t think it’s important to read something that’s boring to you or something that’s objectively poorly written.

Readers are there for the fun and enjoyment of reading so why would you waste your time going through pages of something you don’t like?  I mean, I understand if a book starts off well but begins to fail as you go along, because you might just have to know what happens to a character, but in those cases, just skim the thing!  

Also, there is a lot out there that is great and moving and will make you fall in love with reading again, so don’t make a novel (or any kind of book) a chore.  Again, I have arguments and reasons for sticking with a bad book but for everyday readers, not teachers or writers who need to know good from bad in a deeper way, just stop reading something you don’t enjoy and pick up something else.

A lot of folks will use the coming summer as a chance to read a lot so, as the months tick by, make sure you’re reading something you love and don’t be afraid to cast off a book or two that’s just not thrilling you.