Reading Star Wars Novels: Going Beyond The Movies

I am a huge fan of Star Wars and despite the fact the movies vary in quality, I love them all because they are simply, Star Wars.   While I enjoy watching the films, there are so many stories and characters outside of the films that many haven’t explored.  While I played some of the games, there are many novels (also of varying quality) out there I have never explored.

It’s my hope that in the coming weeks and months I can explore some of these books in the hopes of getting deeper into the universe and lore that I love.  I want to learn more about the Old Republic, how powerful was Luke Skywalker, what was the Emperor like before he rose to power, and what’s the story with all these sith lords of old?

So, despite being new to the books of Star Wars, I do know a bit about the lore of the franchise.  However, I would like anyone who has read them to drop me some suggestions.  I think I will work my way through the Darth Bane books, the books about Darth Revan, the Thrawn Trilogy, and anything else that may be a good story.

I’ve also started looking into the comics as well, so any suggestions from you readers would be greatly appreciated.  It’s not often that there is so much material of a world you love but it’s hard to know where to start and the good from the bad.   I know this might be an odd series to look into but with the final movie in the Skywalker Saga coming at the end of the year, I hope to get deeper into the world of Star Wars before the film comes out.  Yet, until then, please pass on any suggestions, happy reading to anyone that might be willing to read along, and May the Force Be With You.