Summer Reading: What Books Are Best For The Summer Months

If you Google “Summer Reading” you’re getting pages of articles, lists, school requirements, and blog posts about the best books to read on the beach, during your summer vacation, or just during these sweltering months were few sane people will be outside for long.  So, the question of what to read for the summer is subjective and varied, but for your summer, I would suggest you make a challenge for yourself.

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Obviously, your reading speed is going to dictate your reading list (and my suggestions) but as someone who has done a few challenges over the years, it’s important to pick a challenge you’re going to enjoy.  Don’t make reading a chore. School and college have been some of the biggest offenders of creating “non-readers” so do something you’re going to look forward to, not something you feel you have to do.

For your challenge you can do a lot but I want to focus on three challenges you can try.  First, you can simply set a number. If you are looking at summer as May through September (or whatever), then look at the number of weeks you’re working with and set a reasonable goal for a number of books to read during that time.  Once you get that down, get your books together! Either set them out or make a list because the quickest way to get out of the habit of reading is to have nothing on deck.

Now, if just setting a number as your goal isn’t your thing, then you might try working your way through a series or two.  Or you can pick an author and go through his/her works. Some people I know have reread the Lord of the Rings and other works by Tolkien, some people will choose some the the classics by Stephen King or go more literary and choose to read Flannery O’Connor.  There are series, like Harry Potter or countless other sci-fi or fantasy works that should keep you busy for the summer.

However, if a series or just an arbitrary number doesn’t work for you then find one of those lists or recommended reading articles or just newly released books that are up and coming, and read through that.  You can find, on Google, any number of suggestions from “Top 10 Summer Reads” or “New Books for Summer Reading 2019” or any combination of keywords and you’ll land on a ready-made list for your summer.

If your summer is still chaos, then just do what you can, but if you find yourself with a little more elbow room in your day thanks to the summer months, then try to set a goal and let your inner bookworm free!