Donating Books: Where Should You Take Old Books?

Some of us have a lot of books.  Some of us know a family member it that boat as well.  So, there comes a time in most people’s life where they have to unload some of their literary cache and there are oftentimes some questions as to where they will take these excess of literary treasures.  

Now, it goes without saying there are places, like Goodwill, where you can take most anything and for some people this may be their first thought when it comes to getting rid of books.  However, looking around your community may produce some better ideas on how you can help someone or someplace, better than just dumping these books at a generic charity place. Again, don’t get me wrong, finding a charitable organization is always going to be a great idea, I’m just saying, there are other places you can go to as well.

First, you could donate to your library.  Depending on where you are, your library may be able to either use the books you have or they may put them in their annual book sale, which would help bring in money to your local library system.  However, I get that may not be your first choice.

Some people will take their books to a thrift shop, which can help support a local business or they’ll donate them to a used bookstore.  I’ve done the latter a few times and I really like to drop off some books to my local store because it makes me feel like I am helping keep them afloat a bit.  While I also do this by actually shopping there, I like to give them a free (or deeply discounted) supply of books for their shelves.

Lastly, if you have some books that are in good condition, consider a local school.  While a donation like this might end up in the library as well, there are schools that might be able to use them in a fundraiser or give them to kids that don’t have much access to books.  

Any of these places would be good, when it comes to donating old books, but if you are about to have a change of life circumstance, are helping someone move and/or just generally need to clean out some things, think about where in you community these used books might be the most helpful and donate away.