Take Time To Write Everyday; The Benefits Of Types of Writing

While I’ve been talking about writing fiction over the past three weeks, and where to get started, I wanted to take this week to speak more broadly about simply writing.  There are different styles and types of writing so even if you aren’t able to create some great work of fiction, there are other writing avenues worth exploring and you may find many other benefits beyond creating a fun story.

A novel, short story, or even a poem can allow for great levels and opportunities for expression.  While new writers might not want to attempt to create a book on the level of something like War and Peace, there are short stories or poems you could create that are just as fulfilling.  Short stories and poems both can be great ways to tell a story, capture a moment, express an idea or theme, get something off your chest or mind, or can even be a cathartic release depending on what you do with them.

Taking time to keep a journal every day is another way to just express ideas, frustrations, wants or goals, and it is also a great way to get things off your chest.  Some people also just like recapping their day, no matter how mundane or adventure-filled it may have been. Taking the time to pour out everything on your mind, or even things under the surface that may come to light during writing can be a fantastic way to cast off the stresses of the day.

Note-taking is another form of writing that can help you turn off the white noise of the day or de-stress you.  Now, stay with me, I realize “taking notes” is something that is associated with school and the horrors of exams or classes and may be far from your idea of a fun, stress-relieving form of writing but…you might be wrong.  As a full-blown adult, out of school and in the real world, you have the ability to read and study things you actually like! This may be more of a hobby but if you like subjects like history, philosophy/religion, science or any nuance within any subject, you have the ability to seek out books or resources that discuss this subject you like and you can write your own little book about something you love!

Writing fiction, poetry, journal entries, personal notes on a subject, or even just making lists or goals are all ways to switch off the “working/stress” part of your mind and slip away into an area of enjoyment.  While the benefits of just turning off the dread/stress/anxiety floating around your mind are extensive, for many, writing can provide that avenue of release and allows for quiet time doing (or studying) something you love.  You’ll even fine re-reading what you’ve written years after the fact is enjoyable so find your writing style and get to it!