The Benefits Of Reading Poetry: Do People Benefit From Classic/Contemporary Works?

I find a lot of people believe that poetry is a niche and perhaps only a select section of the public reads it.  Maybe professors or poetry majors in college, or even tortured students in high school are the only ones that subject themselves to the rigors of poems.  However, like literature, poetry can have its perks and benefits. While enjoyment is at the forefront of reading poetry, there are additional benefits to reading poems and while some may have horrible memories of reading old poems in high school or college, contemporary poetry is far and away more evolved.  

While I enjoy old poetry, the artistic language and creative wordplay, I understand this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  Keep in mind, those of you that don’t read poetry much, there are some great classics, even works by Shakespeare, that are enjoyable and understandable.  However, some contemporary works that are just as beautifully written, entertaining, and in ways more relatable to current-day readers.

So, there’s something for everyone who may have never read poetry before or for those who never found their fondness for poetry and you may find, if you purchase a contemporary compilation or a collection of classics, a new love or favorite poem.  Yet, poetry is also more beneficial to you than you might think.

While the benefits or reading fiction and poetry are numerous, like promoting critical thinking or empathy, poetry is a unique style that allows for memorization and recitation.  This can be used by young and old to improve memory and recollection skills which can help fight certain degenerative diseases.

Again, poetry, understandably is not something that everyone turns to, but I think if you are to reexamine some of the classics and contemporary works you’ll discover a newfound area of reading that can bring enjoyment and benefits.  If you want to read and also improve your memory, recollection skills, empathy, linguistic skills, and a number of other things, check out a few poems.